About the Middle School Chronicler

Hello there! I am in my fourth year of teaching middle school language arts, all of which have been spent in suburban Chicago.   During the summer prior to my first year of teaching, I caught up with one of my former high school math teachers prior to moving to the midwest to begin my career in education.  At the end of our visit, she graciously gifted me a beautifully bound journal.

Inside the front cover of that journal was a note that read:
“I wish I had taken the time when I was first starting out to reflect each day.  A wise professor advised me to do it, but I always was ‘too busy’. Use this journal to write down thoughts, ideas for lessons, your frustrations, your successes…whatever.  Who knows in five years, you may have a best selling book on your hands.”

While I am not sure that the contents of this blog necessarily will make The New York Times Best Seller list, I do hope that The Middle School Chronicles will invite you into my classroom and my teacher-world to experience my thoughts, ideas, occasional frustrations, and many successes.