Book Clubs Independent Project

After four weeks of time in class for the independent reading of their book club books and completion of weekly check-in notes, students were presented with the next phase of our World War II book clubs: an independent project.  Student choice is important to me when assigning reading projects. I knew that I wanted to have students have experiences with a mixture of product mediums channeling their creativity, written work, and use of our one-to-one devices.  

Students had the option to choose one of three tasks presented within three different columns, very uniquely named: Technology, Creative, and Written.  

This was the product descriptor for students to use to create their independent book clubs project.

I wanted the technology component to emphasize different key skills that the students have acquired through our school’s implementation of the one-to-one iPad practices while giving them a chance to create a product that they were proud of.  Students were given the choice of creating a timeline in Keynote, creating a “six shot story” using Apple Clips, or creating a music playlist.

The creative column was designed for students to use technological artwork or handcrafted artwork to serve as a visual for an oral presentation to their peers.  Students were given the choice of creating a book poster, character traits portrait, or a scrapbook page. This built students to be prepared to discuss their book club text with classmates in a visually appealing manner.  At the end of our book clubs unit, students participated in a gallery walk where classmates walked around the classroom to learn more about the presenter’s experience with and understanding of the text after being a part of a book club.

The written column was designed for students to analyze the text through writing with a choice between the type of written work that would be produced.  Students were given the choice to create a journal as if they were an important character from their book, to create their own foldable book to share an overview of the text, or to research and share about a real-life historical event or location that was directly connected to their book club text.  I found these options to be helpful for students to think about the genre and medium to which they were producing their written work. I also knew that I would be having a separate argumentative writing unit where students would be able to critique their book club text in a more formal structure; stay tuned!

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